unique intimtae small scale annual summer theater festival 

ESTIVAL - the best small scale art festival in the Serra da Estrela Mountains of Portugal

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we had to cancel our festival for this summer of 2020. We are now considering for 2021. So please keep on following us on Facebook and this site.

Just to give you an impression of the 10 festival that we have held since 2010!

A summer festival in nature, with theatre, comedy, music, art, cabaret, poetry, swimming, relaxing, delicious food, and dancing under the stars. 

The ESTIVAL is a unique summer week where artists and artists work together with guests on and enjoy art in the rough nature. It is small, intimate, complete. With every evening a performance or concert: theatre, comedy, cabaret, dance and music by Dutch and Portuguese artists and groups. In the open air in the spectacular Rotstheater, Amfitheater, Dôme or on the Panorama terrace and on location on the estate. During the day the performers and musicians and artists give workshops for young and old, a diverse programme with theatre, dance, singing, visual arts, landscape art and nature walks. And after the performance a DJ will play and you can dance under the stars.

Everyone stays on the estate, in a studio, a tent with a bed or your own tent. The organisation deliberately keeps the festival on a small scale: there is room for a maximum of 100 people, who stay the whole week, including the artists, artists and the production. The small scale contributes to the special atmosphere of this unique week. And everything is included: delicious pure food, with wine for lunch and dinner, all workshops, concerts and performances and accommodation. Special prices for students and young adults up to the age of 25! 

For an example of the extensive programme of 2019, please visit

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