August 2007 Eelco and Karin purchased all the shares of the Portuguese company Simagricola Limitada (limited), thereby acquiring ownership of the farm (land and buildings) with milk sheep and olive cultivation. The neglected farm and land have been transformed in 8 years into a thriving domain with organic and Demeter certified agriculture; in the same period, we reconstructed and renovated several traditional buildings for reception and accommodation of guests.


Since the purchase of the domain, now 13 years ago, we continuously invested in the quality of agriculture, the landscape and all traditional buildings. But most of all our efforts were aimed at the creation of a location which offers space for individual development, where people create and re-create. A location where people meet and be inspired by nature; for their inner nature. In a relatively short time, the domain has grown from an abandoned and forgotten farm with overdue maintenance and ruinous housing to a dynamic place where artists, poets, philosophers, entrepreneurs, students, young people, writers, musicians and theatre-makers, farmers and nature-conservationists feel at home.


The domain offers a program with philosophical Convivia, a wide spectrum of art-workshops, the annual summer Theater Festival and educational nature expeditions and. The activities take place in the workshops, in nature or in the open-air theatres on the domain. The accommodation is specifically meant for short and long-term residency of artists, students, scientists and those interested in art, (agri-)culture and nature.


The domain contributes actively to the ecologisation of the Mondego Valley, our activities contribute substantially to the local economy: We are well integrated with the rural community of the Beira Interior.


Domínio facts since 2007

4,326 guests

384 volunteers

267 artists, musicians, performers

300 m2 atelierruimte en opslag & wasserij gerealiseerd

8 septic tanks built, electricity state of the art

country road paved

12 artistic shareholders of the Maluca Art Atelier 

450 lambs born, 3 foals, and many puppies and kittens

Hundreds of trees plated: olive, cherries, figs, almonds, peach, citrus, abrikot, quince, linden, planes, cedars


waterbassin constructed, own source water

3 open  air theaters 

200 tons of olives harvested

10 Festivals

5 Convivia, 35workshops organised


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