Biodynamic farm

Biodynamic-agriculture perspective

The biodynamic agriculture activities will be further developed

Olives: the olive groves have again proven to be excellent this year with very good production. The result is obtained by seven years of the biodynamic method and the loving attention in a well-developed business-organism gives us confidence for the future plans. Spend even more attention and care to the existing old olive trees, new plantings and the remote corners of our estate overdue maintenance in terms of tree care. The production can, therefore, be increased, without significant additional cost. The harvest and the ´ post-harvest ´ are technically optimal and substantially contribute to the unique product quality of our Demeter certified olive oil. Bottling we do in-house, like renowned wines, in order to ensure the identity and fraud. The collaboration with the cooperative and the Valley. We contribute to the greening of the traditional olive cultivation. We will do the purchase and export of top quality extra virgem of origin olive oil.

Vegetable garden: that concerns the gardens, where in addition to vegetables, herbs and fruit more product processing is going to happen. Regional marketing via CSA subscriptions in Guarda. In combination with our own olive oil.

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De geplukte olijven worden gescheiden van takjes en stenen